"Congratulations on a job well done with building a talented and empathetic staff. Your knowledge of your craft comforts me and allows me to come knowing I will be well taken care of." ​- N. A. 

​"Thank you so much for all your help and just being a great group of people to know. I can never brag enough 
about your 
expertise andkindness"
- M. K. 

​"From the start I felt safe and hopeful in your hands. You have been instrumental in my healing process 
and I am so grateful!" - L. C. 

​"I understand your method of treatment is different from other physical therapy offices. It has been a benefit and 
blessing for me. Thanks for staying true to your vision. I am confident that this office will help many people." 
​- K. H. 

​"Your whole operation is so 
professional and uplifting that I try and model my own business after yours. Thank you a million, and I will be back again." - P. P. 

​"Spine and Sport has really helped our healing with your warm and friendly 
​environment" - J. P.

​"Thanks to you I have been able to climb all over temples, tombs. and climb some more." - E. O. 

Client Testimonials

Spine and Sport Physical Therapy

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